Liquid Fuels Charter

The Liquid Fuels Charter, signed by the industry in 2000, aims to ensure the sustainable presence, ownership and control by approximately 25% of historically disadvantaged South Africans across the industry value chain by 2010.

As the first industry to sign such a charter, SAPIA members prioritised the critical need to correct the imbalances of the past, long before the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003 was enacted.

Direct empowerment

Effective ownership of enterprises by black people


Encourages the sharing of equity and voting rights with black people and black women

Management Control

Effective control of enterprises by black people Encourages senior black decision making at executive board and senior top management levels

Human Resource Devlopment

Equity in the workplace

Employment Equity

Encourages companies to identify and recruit black people at professional. middle and lower management positions

Skills Development

Development of competence of black employees Encourages companies to develop talent of black people through the development spend on learning programmes, learnerships and overseas placement

Indirect empowerment

Procurement of goods and services from strong B-BBEE recognition level suppliers

Preferential procurement

Encourages procurement from BEE compliant companies. Encourages spend on small and micro-enterprises, >50% black owned companies and >30% black women owned companies

Enterprise Development

Assist and accelerate the development and sustainability of other enterprises. Encourages development or expansion of black small, medium enterprises particularly along the value chain

Socio-economic Development

Promote access to the economy for black people Encourages initiatives intended to directly provide black people with the means of generating income for themselves

Supportive Culture

Create an enabling environment for transformation Encourages companies to appoint managers who will understand the spirit and background of the charter to create a supportive and enabling environment for business success and drive a process of transformation and a change of culture.